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Message from Spirit: What do you believe?
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II July 2015

What is good and right for you may not be the best for someone else, dear one.

What does that mean? It means there are various levels of living .. inter-dimensionally here on earth and through the various levels of spirituality.

Let me break it down. You may believe in ghosts and demons and punishment for wrongdoing. That's okay. But another may have come to understand that all that they deem bad, indeed, comes from within brought to you by fear. Still others, believe the bad is just another experience and there is no evil.

What do you believe, dear one? There is no need to change that belief, but I ask you to be comfortable with it. If you believe in the bogey man, make peace with the bogey man. If you believe there is no evil, make another see no evil through you.

Does this make sense? All men are created equal under the sun, but not all men see things the way you see them. Their vision is tainted by experience and so called core beliefs. When you pass through this existence, you will have greater understanding, but until then, come to peace with what it is you believe and why. It's really worth examining.

God blesses you always,


Message from Spirit: Living in Love from Archangel Raphael
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II June 2015

I am Archangel Raphael. I am glad to connect with you today. Take a deep breath please. Imagine it filling your heart space and expanding. Slowly release your breath and thank God you are here.

Your life is a gift from our Creator. And He/She never leaves you without re-Sources. You have everything you need to fulfill your desires and enjoy your life.

Take a deep breath, please imagine filling your heart space with love. Send your breath out slowly and imagine filling the world with your love. Do this consistently. It is the quickest way to receive that which you want. I am Archangel Raphael and I am with you now, helping you clear the barriers to joy.

Choose your focus. Like the skill it takes to capture a closeup in photography, use your mind and heart to focus on sending love because it will come back to you. We often say, tenfold, but really it is more. God blesses you always. You experience those blessings when you live in love.


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