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Message from Spirit: Growth is a Part of You and a Part of Me
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II November 2015

You are growing every day in every way. Your hair grows, your nails grow and even your microscopic cells grow. But do you know what else grows? Your understanding of who I am.

I am All That Is. You are a part of that. And so is your friend and neighbor and sister and brother. We truly are one together. Even your enemies, if that can be believed.

I speak to you about growth in another way, though. I speak today about emotions. You grow with the help of your emotions. What you feel brings you closer to me. It's a kind of dance we do. You feel one way you may like it or not .. joy or sadness. It is your choice always, but do you know I am with you during the joyful times and the sad times? Why am I with you?

For one, we really cannot be separated, we are Source. For another, I revel in the various expressions of the emotions. I really do. I like the good, bad and ugly. You may not, and that's fine, you have the choice to like or not. I gave you that. But I am there with you through all the emotions because I experience them through you.

Growth. Understanding who I am, and who you are. That's the growth I am talking about today.

There is much love for you here in heaven, where I reside. But there is also much love for you where ever you are discovering and feeling your emotions. They are the building blocks of your knowledge of who you are and who I AM.

Always with love.


Message from Spirit: To Thine Own Self Be True and Some
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II August 2015

To thine own self be true. No truer words ever spoken. But there is a second part to that. It is incomplete.

To thine own self be of service to others.

You can not be true to yourself and disregard others. It cannot be. You see, you are as part of others as you are a part of the whole/God.

To be a participant with God, you really must enjoy His children.

What good have you done if by being true to yourself you stay locked up in your own home? What good have you done if in being true to yourself you don't share your talents?

I say to you this: Be true to yourself and share yourself with friends, family and neighbors. It truly is the way to God's favor.


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