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Message from Spirit: It's All There
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II May 2016

Do you know, it's all there? It's all there, bubbling underneath what you can see with your eyes, hear with your ears and how you use the other five physical senses.

But did you know that everything you desire, everything you want really is all there. It's all there. It's taking awhile to come to you because that's what space and time is. You came to earth to experience the joy in slow motion, if you will. You came here to create it bit by precious bit. There would be no need for earth if you had everything you want right here, right now. But where is the fun in that? Where is the joyful collaboration that you so desperately want to be a part of.

Spirit is alive and kicking. It's really kickin' it! Albeit, in another dimension that some don't have access to. But some of you do. Those of you who know it's all there. You can feel it around your body. You can feel it in your heart. If you can't, practice. Practice faith rather than fear and you will begin to see it, too.

All my love,
The Blessed Creator

Message from Spirit: The Power of You
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II March 2016

Loved ones. You are more than what you do. Please know this is true. You are more than a news writer, manager, rock star. Truly, infinitely more.

While you are here you take on roles that you are comfortable with, sometimes you go beyond even that. Sometimes you expand your comfort zone and go for the gold you think attaining will make you happier, richer, more well-liked.

But who you are, is so much more than any grand role you can imagine. President? King? Baker? Indian Chief? Any one of these roles you play are not the real you. What is the real you?

The real you is a magician of time and space. The real you is the Soul within your body and outside your body, too. The real you transcends roles and is connected to me, All-That-Is. And in that connection, the real you is every thing. Every thing is you.

If you could believe that for just five minutes, you will know the value of who you are and why you are here. You are here to spread my love by interacting with other people playing roles. All the while, seeing beyond the role to the real you.


Love each other as I have loved you. Care for each other as I have cared for you. Share in each others joys and sorrows, for that is the essence of why you are here. And when you leave this place, we will have much to discuss.

I am eternally here for you,

Lord, Jesus, Christ, Spirit within all

God bless


Message from Spirit: Free Will and Feelings
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II January 2016

How deep is your love?

As you go through the process of examining your life at year's end, ask yourself: how deep is your love?

How deep is your love for your life? For your freedoms? For your feelings? For Me?

Do you know that how you feel about Me, God/the Universe/All-That-Is/Whatever You Call Me is a reflection of how deeply you love life and how deeply you love you.

In every opportunity, you use your free will. You determine how deep you will love a situation, a concern, a spouse, a neighbor. In every opportunity that is presented today.

Now, think about the year to come. How deeply will you love what is presented to you? What will you feel about it? I tell you this: the answers to these two questions will determine the so called success or so called failure of your new year. I say so called, because really I consider nothing a failure. I love it all. Do you?

You have the free will to chose your direction. You have the free will to determine how you feel about it. Your participation in those two things determine what comes back to you again and again. And again and again, I say onto you: enjoy your life, sweet ones, enjoy your life.

Tell me, what do you have to lose?

I, who walked with you, am with you now.



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