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Message from Spirit: Talk to God
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II August 2016

Tell people I want to hear from them. Most humans donít want to talk to me for a number of reasons. Anything from guilt, shame or even that they are not good enough. On the other hand, they donít want me to condemn what they are doing. Let me tell you one thing: I donít judge. I donít condemn. I am always happy, too.

You could be the worst of the worst. That means, you could kill someone and I would still talk to you. I would not shun you. Now, this does not mean to go out and prove what I am saying. NO. I only say this as a means of telling you the extremes I experience through you.

Be aware, and really know, that your body is temporary. When you are out of your body, you will know more and even know me better. But you can know me now. And indeed, I want you to. Thatís why you were created. To know your creator. Do you get it? We work together.

Iíd like to experience your wildest dreams. But you are holding us back. Iíd like to go where no man or woman has gone before. But you are holding us back. Iíd like to fly with the eagles, but I also like to see you publish that book, grow that garden, create that special school for us. I can help your wildest dreams come true. If youíd only let go and let me. Really, I have a very large arsenal I can use to battle your demons that keep you from moving forward.

Hereís the crux of my message: talk to me. Walk it out with me. I am your partner in this crazy old world. And at times it is crazy, it certainly is very old, as old as the hills, as am I. Iíve seen a lot of what you do. I witness it. I even move you along when you let me. And I never stop being available to you, even in the worst of circumstances. We know you havenít killed anyone in this lifetime, but believe me, youíve experienced something similar previously. This is the lifetime to achieve your goals. Itís what being you here today means. An awakening and manifesting of your desires.

You can make that money, find that partner, live a vibrant healthy life. It is all within you and within me. We are one and I support all that and I am here to help you open up to it. There is only love between us and among us. Letís start there. I love you. And you, too, love me when you can get beyond your concept of me as the judger. We share the same desires. Tell me about your plans. Include me on your morning walk and in your nighttime prayers. I want to be consulted. How would a parent feel if their child never talked to them. While I donít actually hurt, I do ache for a connect with you. And you, whether you realize it or not, ache for a connection with me, too. You were born that way. I made you that way. We work best when we work together.

Give it a try. Connect with me. Letís get on with it together. I am God and I sent you so much love. I send you Godís love. There is nothing greater in our experience. Send some back and letís see where we shoot off to, letís see how far we can get together.

I am like you when you hold your cell phone through the train, waiting to establish a lost connection. But unlike you, I wait in patience. I know eventually you will come around. But you wonder .. have I lost the connection? Is something wrong with the phone? Have I paid my bill? You see, I know all the answers about my connection to you because heavens .. I made you.

You would do well to compare me more to a dog, a puppy who waits for your return. No matter what, you are greeted with a smile and a lick, too. I am happy to see you, to meet you, to talk to you any time of the day and no matter how long you have been away from me, I am still there with bated breath waiting to greet you. My love for you never dies. I am eternally with you. Your soul belongs to me and I to it. There is no separation, only love on my part. What are you projecting? Where are you participating? Join with me and letís conquer the world. Donít be afraid of the word conquer. We conquer a lot of things. We conquer emotions, especially our fears. Letís conquer the worldís fears and see what lies beyond that. Letís truly move on and move up in our relationship and partner for our piece of the pie. When all humans do this, there will be peace in the world. Letís start with you. Shall we? Shall we dance? Shall we fly? Shall we dream? Shall we live? Shall we prosper in good health and bad? God is always happy. And you can be, too. Share yourself with me and Iíll tell you all my secrets. They are your secrets, too.

Blessings and Godís love


Message from Spirit: Trust In Your Divine Pocketbook
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II July 2016

July. Jewel I. Think for a moment, beloveds. You are the jewel that I shine through. You are the vessel. You are the precious stone. You are the container of Spirit. Do you get that? I dwell inside you. And I dwell inside every one you meet. The people of this earth are the containers of Me. Everyone you meet is Blessed with My loving energy. And so are you. You are all equals in that regard.

Yes, he has more money than you and she has a bigger boat. Others are not as fortunate as you. But that does not make you unequal in my eyes and through my eyes. All are the same. I am experiencing all things through you. Hereís the thing. You really get to decide what you experience. Oh, sometimes you donít believe it. Some of my beloveds say woe is me, I was cursed because my father died and left me nothing and my friendís mother pays his rent. But blessed ones, every one has their own divine pocketbook so to speak. Every single one of my people have abundance beyond measure. The problem if you would call it that is that you compare yourselves to others without seeing the bounty you have and can manifest in your own world.

Hereís what I would advise, since you seem to want advice: Close your eyes and think about how blessed you are with what you have and what you can create. Truly, if you could trust that you can have everything you want, you will see it unfold through the years, through the months and even through the moments.

You have everything you need to create the most joyous and even fun filled experience. Start by moving toward the things that make you happy. Smile a little more. First of all, you look better. Secondly, it helps you feel better and Thirdly, it helps others see their options, too.

I send you all my love and ask that you Trust that I am here to give all you want to you. Trust that you can be happy. Act like you are happy and that is what you will truly become. And this is true: no matter what is going on, God is always happy.


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