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Message from Spirit: Rebirth
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II April 2014

It's the month of rebirth, loved ones. Don't take it so seriously though. Do you know you are reborn every day. Yes, every morning you awake, you are new. You've replenished yourself.

Monthly and season rebirths are the same. It's a new season, it's a new you. Do you know the earth goes through a rebirth as well? When your daily rebirth coincides with the monthly rebirth and on a larger scale, the earth cycle rebirth .. wow! That's a party.

You know how good it feels to wake up in the morning, that's before you remember the supposed drudgery that's on tap for the day. The first open eye, a new you, a new breath, a new perspective.

The rebirth that is coming is going to feel like winning the trifecta. A thrill! If you will allow it. Drop your cares and woe. Let the rebirth take you for a ride.

Your Loving Source,


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