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Message from Spirit: The Body and Its Pain Can be Healed Through the Mind
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume III September 2019

We speak a lot about the invisible. Today, and this month, we address the very visible: your body.

Your body speaks to you. This morning, Geri realizes she is inflicted with discomfort. And it is causing itching, and as she scratches, the discomfort becomes more enhanced.

But once in a while she will chill just a little bit and relax. It's at those times when she realizes the itching is under a little bit of control. It's not as bad.

So we say to you: when you are in pain for your body is not working right, it is good to take a minute and before any call to the doctor is made, find out if you can relieve it with your mind. Ask Spirit, Archangel Michael, the angles, your guides, whoever you contact from the invisible world to guide you, help you relieve the pain.

Also, ask your body parts. When your stomach is upset, find out all the reasons .. both physical and invisible. Starting by taking a moment will go a long way in helping you find out how to relieve the discomfort.

We are in spirit, but we do know the body very well. We've studied it, we've marveled at it, heck, we even helped design it, if you can believe that.

We send you all our love and guidance: don't fear when you are in pain: take a moment to find out why.

God blesses you always,
Spirit to the nth degree :)

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