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Message from Spirit: Take Care of Your Neighbor
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume III September 2018

Take care of your neighbor and your neighbor will take care of you. That's it, Gerardette.

I love visiting with you. You have a lot on your mind. Let it all go. There's no need to keep anything there. Live in the moment.

All my love,


Message from Spirit: Love Is Forever
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume III August 2018

Many deaths are coming at this time. On the level I experience it, It is a time of resurrection, not of turmoil. You, too are experiencing death in some capacity. The death of a loved one, an idol, a muse, or close friend and confidante. Or the death of an idea, a goal, a home, an era. There are many deaths of varying degrees.

This is the natural order of things. It is a beautiful time this transition. It's a transition of body or thought or place of existence. Honor what has come before. Feel the love that has been created and now lives in our hearts (Mine and yours.) I created you for the purpose of spreading love. And that you cannot help but witness.

Witness the love. The love continues. And so do you. in this moment, breathe in, breathe out. Feel the love that you were created from.

With All that I am, I welcome all the changes you experience, while I stay consistent in love. All the expressions of love are appreciated whether they are in one dimension or another. Whether they are in this city or that, this river or that mountain. We, together, express love. Throughout the physical changes, the love always persists, is everlasting.

A Message from Source


Message from Spirit: Love Within is Ever Present
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume III July 2018

The joys of the sun. Do you know, yes you do, but here's a reminder. The sun does not stop shining even though you see the clouds or even the rain. The sun is always there.

In your world, there are many things that cover up love, but love doesn't go away. It is consistently present in the spirit world, just like the sun is consistently present in the physical world.

Do not lose hope.Love persists despite the things you fight against, the things you don't like occurring in your world and even in your families.

Let's take it down to that level, as it is more applicable to you. How are you loving your family members and friends? Can you be like the sun and emit your love in spite of any conditions that come before you?

It's worth a try. You will find me there with you.

Your loving Source within,


Message from Spirit: Something You Don't Want to Hear
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume III May 2018

Is there something you don't want to hear?
Is it about your mortality?
Do you realize you will die some day?
What will happen on that day? Will you wake up and have coffee? Will you be in a coma and never consciously realize you are ending this lifetime?

No matter how it happens, know this. Life is a journey. And when you leave this journey, you immediately begin another one. That new journey may involve looking back on some of the things you pondered in the last life. Or you may be ready to just move on to the next opportunity.

Life is what you make it. And so is death. It's what you make it. At so called death, you do what you desire, just like here in life. The thing you could look at to make your after life experience better is this: Am I making the most of this current experience in this lifetime? Because surely it will affect your next one.

God blesses you and appreciates you taking the time to live this life to the fullest. If you are not doing what you want to be doing, please start now.

All my love always, now and in the next experience,

Message from Spirit: Things Are Seldom What They Seem
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume III April 2018

All is not what it appears to be. Your brains were created to solve problems, not create them. Many of you lead with your brains. You go into the day thinking about what to watch out for, things that could come up that you'd like to avoid. That's one way of doing things.

I ask you this: This month, can you go into your day leading with your heart. Ask the day ahead what joys your heart will bring to you by its remaining open.

Sometimes we are triggered by another's behavior. We think someone another's behavior or another's situation is a direct reflection on us. Nothing is further from the truth. If each and every human would go into the day with an open heart, asking the day to bring forth love, than the world indeed would be a better place.

Each human, however, is at a different level. We cannot ask every one to do this. But if enough do this, the energy will shift and more will be able to experience the love that is all around.

Yours in love, and may April shower you will this soulful energy,

Yours in Christ consciousness,

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