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Message from Spirit: Breathe
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II May 2017

May we take a moment this month to take a breath. Breathe. It's so natural. Inhale and exhale. Stop for a moment and really understand what you are doing. You are taking the breathe of life.

In the grand scheme of things, you are acknowledging you are a part of me, a part of God. You accept me as your guidance counselor, so to speak. You never weary of me, like you do with other such authority figures. The reason you don't weary of me is because I am a part of you.

Your breath, dear one, is my breath. We are one in the same. When you acknowledge that, we work together on the goals, you could say, for this world. What are the goals? That all live in peace and harmony and love and respect for each other. Impossible you say?

Is it impossible for even one person to experience that? Can I ask you this: Can you live like that for just today? For just an hour? This is a start, dear one. And all journeys begin with taking the first step; just as all lives begin with the first breath. Think about that breath and what it means. What it means to you, and what it means to Me.

I am love and you are, too. That's the real reality show watched by the Universe.

Blessings I send you,
All That Is


Message from Spirit: Showers of Love
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II April 2017

The April message is the showers of love I am sending all the time to help you grow.

You know what the rain is doing for the plants and trees. It is also enriching the soil. My love is like the rain. It is everywhere.

The rain, though, is not outside your force of existence. You pull my rain, my love, closer to you to help you grow.

With my love you can do all things. If you’d like to advance in this world, pull my love toward yourself. Bring it down. Let it rain in on you. Watch your blessings grow. All in love, dear one, all with love.

Prime Source Creator, who is Eternal and Present Moment Love


Message from Spirit: Observation vs Judgment
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II March 2017

You have a saying in your culture, this month comes in like a lion out like a lamb. Let's look at the lion and the lamb. They are two sides of the same coin, so to speak.

Both the lion and the lamb have God given life. One is roaring or raring to go forward, investigate, discover. The other appears to be grazing, having a more relaxed experience. Both are life, just different ways of going about it.

Sometimes you look at the one and say, oh, he or she is too meek. Or others say, I can't stand to be with that person, way too aggressive.

Well, just like the lion and the lamb, all types of personalities exist. Not just two .. many choose a variety (many, many) of ways of expressing themselves.

What if we looked at how one expresses themselves, and instead of judging as too harsh or too whatever, take a step back and appreciate the expression. If it's repulsing you, why is it so repulsive? It might be worth your while to find out why you have such an adverse reaction to it.

Could you consider, for just a moment, that what you dislike in another is actually the characteristic in yourself that you perhaps dislike?

This is just a consideration, something to think about. Right now is there someone or something that irks you? Think about it. What is irksome about the person or situation? Could you give more thought to that and in so doing learn to appreciate your human mind and circumstances?

In so doing, we may grow in love for that situation, person and mostly what I speak of, grow in love for the self.

You are most wholly when you examine your judgments and learn to choose to observe rather than emotionally opine. We think this message sounds simple enough, but if accepted and taken in, this one little analogy taken to heart truly can change the world.

We kid you not.

With much love,
Your spiritual advisers who love you and are right next to you


Message from Spirit: How You Like Me Now?
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II February 2017

Dear beloved ones,

You are on the cusp of big change. Many don't like what is going on in various parts of your world. Some blame Me for the chaos and confusion. Oh, I guess indirectly it is my fault in that I created the whole sha-bang with the big bang, you could say. But seriously consider free will.

I let you as a whole decide where the earth travels emotionally. Now, physically, that's a different story. The beloved earth is following its course in the solar system, galaxy, and universe. Do you know that the physical effects the emotional? Do you know that the path our beloved Earth is taking is in some way also responsible for the upheaval.

Dear friends, you are here to bring in the light to this particular world. What does that mean? And how is it done? Kindness is the answer to both questions. Loving kindness. The more loving kindness you show to each other, the move loving kindness will be brought back to you. I really do mean it when I tell you the boomerang effect is a law of gravity. Send out love and love returns to you. Do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones, if you can't do it for them, do it for God.

This month that brings you Valentine's Day, a day celebrating romantic love, shower the world, your own special universe with love that cannot be ignored. Show us who you are and what you want the world to be. It actually is all very simple once you open your eyes to it.

God's love onto you and you and you,


Message from Spirit: The New You
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II January 2017

The new and improved you. It's bound to take place this year. You are actually the same old you with added bonuses. The bonus of being bright and bold -- having expanded abilities and not being afraid of using them.

New and improved, yes. that's what 2017 will show you. You are growing out of spiritual adolescence and stepping into the feeling of what it's like to command creation. Fear is slipping away. Courage is taking its place. Anger -- you are learning how to dissipate it. Love -- you are learning how to appreciate it and embrace it and share it, especially with yourself, dear ones.

The new you lets you love freely and respect it all. You have seen this year, nothing lasts forever. Appreciate where you are right now, right here, because surely this will change.

The New You is the same old you only more aware.

God's love onto you as always,
Spiritual Essence


Message from Spirit: The Joy of You
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II November 2016

Are you feeling hum drum? Do you feel like your life is set in motion and once in a while you ask yourself, is there something more?

My answer to this, dear one, is yes. There is something more. There is always something more. You gain happiness whether you realize it fully or not, by helping others. You help others on the job, at home, or in the classroom. Even sharing a train ride or passing someone on the street.

Stop for a minute or moment. You are here alive on this planet in the same vicinity as another being. That means something. Out of all the beings on the planet right now, you are passing by a special one. He or she is in your purview.

Take a moment, an acknowledge the importance of that person, the importance of your own being. Such joy there. At the very least, offer a smile, if not a wave of the hand. This life is so precious and you are passing by another who is experiencing being in the very same way you are, albeit with different experiences and interpretations. Ah, isn't life grand?

Thank you for all you do for me.

Your Creator


Message from Spirit: Move Forward With Confidence
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II October 2016

So many of my children hesitate. Don't get me wrong, hesitation is good when you are about to dive into a shallow pool, or God forbid, fall of a cliff.

But mostly, hesitation is not the best thing for you when you are creating. I am here today to tell you, that project you are working on, that person you want to talk to, that garden you want to create ... act on it.

I give you inspiration. My surrogates give you inspiration. I say surrogates, but truly we are all one, I am just holding the whole thing together delightfully and in love. I shoot out the inspiration right to you. I don't get up and get the seeds, buy the dirt, tend to your garden. I don't pick up the phone and call the one you desire to talk to. You do that. You take the action.

Just a quick note here from the Universe, God, Love, whatever you want to call the vastness that is Me (and You). I supply the inspiration. You respond to that by taking action in love.

I send this message with all that I am and all that you are, the very essence of life. Don't hesitate when it's not necessary. I'd like to see more of my children taking action in love.

This is God's love speaking to you. Yes, you.

The Universe


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