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Message from Spirit: Joy
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II June 2017

The message this month is Joy. What else could it be? Geri is getting ready to offer my "Find Your Joy" ecourse. I delight in it so!

Do you not know that you delight me when you take instruction from me? No, I am not a behind the scenes Oz running the show. I am the loving energy that invites you to participate in my show. It's my show -- the sky, the air, the trees, the animals, your planet. It's my show. Does that make you wary? Does that make you worry that you are not in control?

Oh, but you are in control, divine one. You know I gave you free will. Here's a secret: I delight when you follow my guidance and I delight when you don't. I delight all the time. The question is this: how much are you enjoying your life when you are not working with me? Have you tested it? I invite you to test it.

Supposed, I gave you guidance on something and you said, "no, I will no take your guidance." And you go and do something else. How do you feel? Sometimes you feel okay, sometimes you don't. But with you, do you delight when you don't feel okay about a choice?

You can become closer to who I am when you delight even when straying from your path and your connection with Me. Delight is demystifying the experiences you are having and learning that all experiences are beautiful.

Does this make sense to you? Delight in suffering, too? Some people delight in suffering when they realize, truly realize that there is no suffering... only de light.

Enjoy your body, your mind, they are gifts from your Creator, who delights when you feel good and delights when you don't.

God blesses you every moment in every day.


Message from Spirit: Breathe
Here is Heaven Newsletter
Volume II May 2017

May we take a moment this month to take a breath. Breathe. It's so natural. Inhale and exhale. Stop for a moment and really understand what you are doing. You are taking the breathe of life.

In the grand scheme of things, you are acknowledging you are a part of me, a part of God. You accept me as your guidance counselor, so to speak. You never weary of me, like you do with other such authority figures. The reason you don't weary of me is because I am a part of you.

Your breath, dear one, is my breath. We are one in the same. When you acknowledge that, we work together on the goals, you could say, for this world. What are the goals? That all live in peace and harmony and love and respect for each other. Impossible you say?

Is it impossible for even one person to experience that? Can I ask you this: Can you live like that for just today? For just an hour? This is a start, dear one. And all journeys begin with taking the first step; just as all lives begin with the first breath. Think about that breath and what it means. What it means to you, and what it means to Me.

I am love and you are, too. That's the real reality show watched by the Universe.

Blessings I send you,
All That Is


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