I'm Inspired by Relationships, March 18, 2014

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I'm Inspired by Relationships
Crystal Grid to Support Relationships

The Crystal Grid for Relationship
I was thinking about a Facebook friend yesterday. She posts often about looking for the right guy. She's been looking for awhile and has done some internet dating. She's not finding him. And she's sounding a little frustrated. Maybe a lot.

I was inspired to create this crystal grid for her. In the center is a heart-shaped Selenite crystal. Selenite is said to help with relationships, communication and love. It's a great place to start, I thought. Then I turned to my crystal quartz. They are good for healing all sorts of pain, especially emotional. I put two on either side of the Selenite, like a cupid's arrow. Then, I surrounded my clear crystals with green stones. Green is the color of the heart chakra. The purpose, perhaps, to open up the heart to be ready for love. And then I added a red jasper at the bottom of the grid, imploring the onlooker to stay grounded. We're looking for true love here, not fantasy.

When I came home from work yesterday, I had a noticeable difference in my heart regarding my husband and my son. Nothing was out of the ordinary. I came home after dinner time. No one cooked. The boys were onto other things by now. Half a chipotle was on a plate on the kitchen table. Ordinary and not obviously special. But I felt different.

Honestly, I always love them. But that moment and now the ones following, I feel a deeper sense of connection and appreciation; an awareness of their connection to me. It's deep. I am aware of how very blessed this moment is.

What happened? Where did that deeper feeling come from? Was it the crystal grid I created for someone else now having a secondary effect on me? Was it the altruistic move I made to help this facebook friend that led me down the path to opening up my own heart more? Was I inspired to create the grid in the first place because it was me who needed help with my relationships?

Well, facebook friend with a desire for a relationship, maybe you will read this. Maybe not. Maybe the grid wasn't intended for you at all, but for me and any one else who might find it here. If that's the case, the only thing that's left to say is, thank you for sharing.

It's amazing how we are all connected. How we can feed another our thoughts, our energy, and our love. It seems to help us grow, if we're open to it.