I'm Inspired by Losing April 4, 2014

I'm Inspired by Losing
Losing and Learning

I was involved in a competition. There were a few hundred of us. We had to create a video to vie for a publishing contract worth 10 grand or a 4 week long radio show on a popular internet site. I tried for both and didn't make it.

What inspires me is, I'm o.k with missing my mark. I checked out the winners and was happy to see their youtube videos. I think mine was good but definitely lacking in some areas. I liked looking at the work of the winners because it gave me more ideas on how to present and define my own work.

But back to my message. I'm happy. Yes, the people I respected and wanted to like me didn't choose me. But I'm o.k. with that. I didn't always react this way to so called defeat. I am learning that there really is no defeat only another opportunity to learn.

Hey, I like me. And I am learning that's more valuable than a publishing contract or a radio show. Hope this is a reminder for you. No matter what you are striving for, like yourself for learning.

God bless you!