Divine Timing and the Robin's Nest May 7, 2014

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Divine Timing and the Robin's Nest
The Care and Feeding of a Creation

I shut my garage door last night after coming home from work. I heard a tiny "tweet tweet." Did the robin's egg or eggs hatch? It make me think of the divine timing message from Mother Mary for today.

Last month when we came home from a five day vacation, a robin had made its nest on the side of our garage, right on the night light. Because of the angle, we couldn't look inside to see how many eggs there were, if there were any. Even my husband was hesitant to get close, for concern the mother would attack. He knows a lot about mothers and their babies.

One morning last week, I awoke to the sound of the robin's squeaks and squawks. Not a pleasant sound. She wouldn't stop. When I went to work that day, I saw what the trouble was -- a tiny blue egg was cracked on the stone path in my backyard. Don't know what happened, can only imagine another animal flew in for breakfast. It made us feel sad.

After that, the robin still sat in her nest, leading us to believe there were more eggs inside.

Lo and behold, last night I heard the tiny tweets. My son got the binoculars and from the top floor, he could see a tiny red baby bird.

I think that's divine timing. A baby bird being born after a nesting period, despite the perils of city living. I can't see the bird this morning, even with binoculars because the robin is still nesting. I wonder when the little bird will be ready to fly.

This all reminds me to notice divine timing in other areas. For me, it's my writing. It might be something else for you, but whatever it is, divine timing is involved. Some projects get started and then don't get off the ground for whatever reason. But the ones that do are first created, and then nurtured. And even when they are hatched, much care is needed to keep them alive.

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