Living in Love May 28, 2014

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Remembering Those Who "Died"

In the weekly guidance for the last two weeks, we've been reminded to look for signs from heaven. Have you been discerning messages from your loved ones? I have.

Last week, I had the opportunity to dance on TV. I was writing for the morning show and the producers needed a few "extras." (That's me in the back with the glasses.) Normally, I would not want to look stupid at something I have taken very seriously -- my job. I would have said, "no thanks." But something made me stand up and say: "I'll do it."

I think it was my mother's influence. Mom loved dancing and when I was younger, I thought she absolutely loved embarrassing the heck out of me, too. She loved to dance and especially sing. She did both whenever the impulse struck -- whether in a restaurant, or a living room full of my friends. God bless and share her love of life!

Music is a good way to connect with those you love who are not in the physical. When you are in the car and you hear that special song she or he used to sing, or a song that relates to your relationship --that song is a sign from heaven. Take it as a connection from your loved one or the angels who are surrounding and love you unconditionally.

I used to not want to believe in angels because I couldn't see them with my eyes. Today, I don't want to live in a world where they don't exist. And that's the first step to connecting with angels and heaven ... believing is seeing.