I'm Inspired on Father's Day June 15, 2014

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Father's Day Message
From the Father of Us All

June 15, 2014
It's Father's Day. I'm walking in the forest preserve with my husband, who is the father of two boys. In the forest preserve, it's not uncommon for me to feel the presence of his dad, Pete Donchak, who passed away three years ago this August.

I can hear him say to me for John, "Being a father is as close to being like God in the earthly plane as you can get," he says. "The love you have for your children is similar to the love the Father has for you and all beings, not just humans."

Now, I am feeling Spirit take over: "Just like God loves and guides us, dads love and guide their children. Unlike the earthy dad, the heavenly father has infinite patience, unending wisdom and no bills to pay. Please, earthly fathers, do not put so much pressure on yourselves. God is here to pick up the slack. No human is perfect, but in the love that you give to a child, nothing in my universe is more perfect than that.

God blesses you, Dads."
Your Father in Heaven