Storming the Bastille in the Afterlife July 16, 2014

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Storming the Bastille in the Afterlife

I've got a synchronicity for you. My son is in Paris. Yesterday he wrote on his Facebook wall that he Stormed the Bastille (Opera House) for a free performance of "La Boheme." First I laughed at his humor, then I thought of my mom.

Today in the mail I received this picture of mom from her best friend, Edith. Mom is standing in front of Notre Dame in 1990. Mom in France, too.

Mom "lived" the opera. She was particularly fond of "Madame Butterfly." I'd like to think she was with JT when he "Stormed the Bastille" on France's Independence Day. It's something she would do, too.

Both mom and JT would agree with this quote from a book I read yesterday,
"Make your life as interesting as you can. Take chances. Go after your dreams." It's from "The Afterlife of Billy Fingers."

If you, like me, are waiting for 'permission' to do something or go somewhere, I'd say we just got it.