Super Moon Super Mom August 13, 2014

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Super Moon Super Mom
Seeing the Reflection of Your Soul

I was told by a spiritual counselor that I would be seeing my mom. I was excited about the prospect of visual contact because I had been hearing from her from a mental and psychic perspective even before she passed last mother's day weekend. And I continue to hear from her all the time. But a visual? That would be comforting.

I was at work on Saturday night. My husband called me to tell me to look at the moon. I couldn't find it in the parking lot when I left work. Then when I was home I felt the urge to try to find it.

In this picture from my deck, I call it Super Moon over Satellite Dish, I see is a Super Moon and my Super Mom. I see mom's face over the moon. She is flexing her muscles and wearing a body builder shirt. She also has a mustache.

This makes me smile. Mom was always very strong when we were growing up, but the last several years were challenging for her physically, somewhat mentally and definitely emotionally. It was challenging for all of us. But growing up in a home with nine children, two parents, grandma and two great aunts, well, challenge becomes you. But I digress. Let's get back to Super Mom.

Mom had a spotless home, always. No dust bunnies. You could say she was a little O-C about it. So, when I pondered my picture of the moon, it was no surprise to me that I felt the urge to vacuum my outside deck. Haha, don't worry, I didn't act on it.

And one more thing, did you notice the moon looks like a heart? Is mom balancing her masculine and feminine energies where she is now and letting me know about it? I think so.

But for those who want the basic story, here it is: There was a super moon. I took a picture. Now I see my super mom. And guess what? Tomorrow's her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Ann! I love you, too!