I'm inspired by Melanie Oct. 2, 2014

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I'm Inspired by Melanie

I’m inspired by Melanie Baldwin. I never met her, but I hope to some day.

She’s a writer, like me. She’s a mom, like me. But I couldn’t hold a candle to her strength and courage. Melanie has shared her stories and educated us on autism and surviving cancer. Melanie’s son Luke needs 24/7 care as he is at times self-injurious. Back to mom — Melanie survived breast and bone cancer and now is battling spine and liver cancer.

My cousin Zoey O'Toole introduced me to Melanie’s work with “The Thinking Moms’ Revolution.” I like her writing style. It’s to the point and always helpful, like giving tips on what Church groups do right for parents and children with autism. Melanie is known as Booty Kicker, or B.K. She’s one of the bloggers who shared her stories in “The Thinking Moms Revolution: Autism beyond the Spectrum: Inspiring True Stories from Parents Fighting to Rescue Their Children.”

Melanie, a woman who is known for her assisting others, is now in need of help herself. You can help her family by visiting the GiveForward site set up for the Baldwin family here.

The song "I'm Every Woman" is playing in the soundtrack of my mind. Melanie really is every woman. And she needs our help.