Rejoice December 10, 2014

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Missing Loved Ones on the Holiday

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The tree is going up and the cards are going out. But a loved one is missing. For me, it's my mom who passed on Mother's Day weekend. There are many reminders of our loss -- from the holiday pictures with her red turtleneck sweater and sweet smile to the email from the flower shop reminding me to send my annual greeting.

But this is what we signed up for on earth: love and loss. Though Spirit always tells me nothing is lost, love is eternal, sometimes I have a hard time believing that. Spirit knows how I feel so more about death was explained to me this morning. I wanted to share it with you because it made me feel better and chances are you lost a loved one, too.

Spirit said: "Most times, the older you get the more you have experienced for God. The more you live or experience the more God appreciates you as a being. Not because He loves one over the other, but because of the greater experience one brings to Him is appreciated in the greater-ness of that experience.

All things are equal in HIS eyes. So, if you bring forth a magnitude of experience that you grew from -- you grew Him in that magnitude, you see. If you stayed away from experiences (love) due to fear, you have a smaller portion to give (offer) to God when you leave your body. There's no judgement there, it's just the way of the universe.

Use the energy and resources you have to make a magnificent experience in this world and then offer it all to God. This takes away fear. You are not doing it for yourself, you are doing it for a greater good.

Rejoice the loved ones who left for they are united with the Creator. This is what is meant by 'You are both the created and the Creator.' In truth, you actually work and play for God. And to God, you see, you will return. Rejoice in all that.

All is good. All is God."

My interpretation of Spirit's message is you get back what you give in this world. My mother had 9 children and then the grandchildren came. She gave a lot -- including all the joys and dramas of family life. She grew a lot. This makes me happy because based on what Spirit says, she is giving all that to God. And they are rejoicing together.

One of the things mom loved dearly is her church. And consequently, Christmas was one of her most beloved times of year. She loved celebrating Christmas, well, the true meaning of Christmas, she would remind us. It's the birth of Jesus. She loved Jesus and the Church and her religion.

It turns out this is a very special Christmas for me and her. I am honoring her by celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. And to think, she is actually with Jesus this holiday, in person. I cannot even imagine her joy. And together they are united with our Creator.

Spirit is inviting me to put my sadness away and to live more and love more. Like mom did. So, along with Spirit, I'm inviting you to do the same in the name of your loved ones and in the name of God. Rejoice!

Merry Christmas, Mom!