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What's it mean?
What's it mean?

What's It Mean?

The sequence 12/13/14 means the natural order of things will unfold. All things we desire will open to us (if we allow it and take guided action) since we have gone through upheaval and now stand on solid ground. Let's look at the individual numbers.

First, we have the number 12. I know the number 12 to be a spiritual number. For instance, Jesus had 12 disciples. Like the disciples, who helped Jesus spread his love, the number 12 means your ducks are, or were, in a row.

Moving to 13, the number of completion. When we reach 13, we're at a precipice of completion and beginning anew. Just like a 13 year old reaches young adulthood and begins the teen years. She finishes her child years. Now, think in terms of your projects. Are you finished with one very important one and contemplating what to take on next? This is typical of 13 energy.

At the number 14, you've already received a balance. In the year 2014, we kind of balanced our emotional energy, though we still have flare ups, no doubt, always will. But 2014 is equivalent to the number 7. And 7 is a lucky number (especially when mixed with 11, which it is not directly in this case, though surely indirectly with the 1's in 12, 13 and 14.) We are sure to have great luck in the next project we take on whether it's with relationships or home projects or business plans.

So, 12/13/14 .. upward and onward. We've done great up to now, as we've managed our emotions or at least we are recognizing what triggers us. Moving forward from here, an open slate. We have the power to manifest what we want while we are standing on the solid ground of completion. We're being asked to stay open and also, to relax, because some times all things really do come to he who waits.

It's interesting that the numbers 12/13/14 add up to 12. And that is both our starting and ending point: we really are complete right now. In time we will jump out into the new thing. But there's so much fun in enjoying the completion that is now.

All is love,