Mothers Take Center Stage December 17, 2014

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Mothers Take Center Stage

Moms rock.

This holiday season as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I am drawn to the work of Mary. The labor of love, not only giving birth but raising the King of Kings.

Moms are great. They do so many things behind the scenes. Just like Mary guided Jesus, your mother is leading you. This year I lost my mom and three aunts. I'm not alone. Three of my coworkers lost their mothers in the last three months. While this is the season for the birth of Jesus, it seems like it's also the season of losing mom.

Mothers, like Mary, and probably your mom as well, put their children first. They make the children the stars of the show. But there would be no star, no Jesus, no me nor you without the glorious and yet unsung work of the mothers.

Moms, this moment is for you. It's for all you do and did. It's for all the ups and downs. It's for all the ins and outs of raising children. Hail Mother, Full of Grace. And to all the moms with us and who have gone, your work is not unnoticed. In fact, it's changing the world for the better.