Dealing With Upheaval February 11, 2015

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And Finding Peace

Chances are you are in the middle of some upheaval. I know that because of what's going on in the news, and also what's going on in my own head. We're all connected.

The headlines out there reflect the "head" lines in our minds. From the barbaric acts in the middle east to the upheaval in the nightly news itself and everything in between. So, what's going on in your head?

The past two days there have been things coming up for me, and I have to ask myself, where did that hate come from? I understand it to be what some call orphaned parts of myself, maybe something experienced in the past or even a past life.

But here's the deal: whatever is coming up, will pass. But being in the throes of it, I asked my spiritual guides for clarity. I did a reading leaning on Doreen Virtue's Archangel Oracle Cards and Sonia Choquette's Ask your Guides and Soul Lessons.

Here it is:

Peace comes from remembering that only love is real. Look past the surface of the situation and see underlying truth: that everyone involved is a child of God filled with love. By focusing on this truth, you, well, you will behave better. It may not look like it, but a higher wisdom really is at play. Hold the intention to look for examples of the good within yourself and within others. If you need help with this, call upon the angels. Chamuel is the archangel of personal and global peace. I feel lighter already just writing this angel's name. Chamuel is king, loving and sweet. You'll feel uplifted when Chamuel is near. I feel a lightness in the crown of my head.

When in upheaval, it's not the best time to act. There is only an imagined sense of urgency, it's not real. Your Higher Self will help you engage your power of reason and trust your inclination to step away from the drama and intensity of the moment. Study and analyze all the facts, allow your Higher Self to guide you. Sleep on it a night, or even three. Let your Higher Self rule here.

Finally, reflect on your own truth. Regardless of how you feel, it is time to relax. The worst has passed and the things you feared the most are gone. The other shoe has dropped and you're still standing. Your soul's purpose right now is to enter a period of personal refection and do some deep soul-searching. Your spirit is asking you to proclaim what you stand for, so don't waffle and dance around your truth. What do you believe in and serve on a daily basis? What dominates your thoughts, emotions, and imagination? What's your mission and why? Stop promoting illusions and begin serving the principles of truth, integrity, courage, and above all, love.

When you search your soul you find more meaningful endeavors and you find peace.