Palm Sunday March 29, 2015

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The Kingdom of Peace
Make Someone's Journey Easier (photo courtesy Reuters)

I'm inspired by Palm Sunday.

It's the day Christians celebrate Jesus entering Jerusalem.

I picture the big festival with many celebrating the Feast of Jerusalem already. I imagine Jesus entering on a donkey, not a horse as a conqueror would, but a donkey signifying he comes in peace. True Jesus style. The people see Him, and pave his way with small branches, palms.

I often wonder how something so joyous turns so ugly so quickly. If we are to believe the Gospels, Jesus knew the end of his physical life was near. Yet, he continued his ride in peace. And while in Jerusalem, he continued his work, healing those who asked.

I often wonder what I would do that week. Where would I show up? Would I ask for a healing? Would I be in the crowd that cried out that he be killed? There's no way of knowing what I would do two thousand years ago, but today, I can figuratively lay down a palm to make someone's journey a little easier. I can help somebody who needs me.

It's the least I could do to honor the power that God has given all of us. That is the power to love, like Jesus did, in spite of what could happen tomorrow or the next day.

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