Ground Control to Major Tom Jan 11, 2016

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Ground Control to Major Tom

"Ground Control to Major Tom."

Last night I cried, bawled in fact, after hearing of Bowie's death. But it was my mom I was thinking about, moments that we shared and moments I would have liked to share again. They are in my heart and so is she.

It's funny how Bowie seems to have inserted himself into a lot of our family memories (yours and mine) and even our dramas. He was an artist at drama.

Here's a memory: "Ground Control to Major Tom." My siblings and a few of our friends would sing this, referring to my dad, former army officer Tom Hearne. I like to think somehow Bowie helped us break the ice with the stoic father who opened up to sharing more of himself in the later years.

David Bowie was a sharer. Through his art, He shared his heart, even now as he is breaking ours. Today, many of us can't help but be reminded of those we loved and lost, and maybe it's forcing us to become more aware of our own immortality and the beauty in each moment we have here.

So, what's next? "Ground Control to Major Tom." Bowie dancing with Maj Tom Hearne in heaven .. and mom keeping time by clapping the beats. My imagination is taking off, call it it a flight of fancy, inspired the bold creator, collaborator and performance artist we mourn today. And inspired by the love I have for the ones I lost who were closest to me: my mom and dad.

Somehow it's all related. And it's all beautiful.
God bless you and the earth we share for this relatively brief moment. Enjoy, love and create. Like David Bowie did.