Why Am I So Sad About David Bowie Leaving? Feb 26, 2016

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So Where ARE We Now?

Why can't I get over it. Everybody dies.

The thing is, everybody lives, too. And David Bowie's death is showing me how elegantly he lived. And I am forced to compare my life with his.

Can I do David Bowie in my own reality? Can I be bold, creative, collaborative, communicative and colorful?

When David Bowie passed, many of us felt his energy come directly into our hearts. His life force spread like wildfire when he passed over. He has said nothing is lost. And I think he's right. I think many of us who have the hearts to receive, are inspired by his artful life and death.

It's an energetic thing. He is sharing himself with those who have the heart to receive him in this new form. A lot of us are artists one way or another. He's asking us to be more, to do more, even to drop the drama.

He's asking us to step up to the plate. And that's hard. We're being asked to step up to our own creative talents. He's asking us to do that. And we feel oh so very sad because we could never measure up, we think.

Writing this, I feel better. I have a little more understanding. I felt sad because my feelings of inadequacy are coming up as He asks me to do more, to be more, to step up and out and be present in this life.

As I decide within myself to take on the challenge, the sadness subsides a little. And that's what David wants, I suspect.

(photo courtesy: Jimmy King)