What is Your Guardian Angel's Name? May 9, 2016

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What is Your Guardian Angel's Name?
The Search for Spirit

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In my spiritual class this week, we've been talking about names of our angels and spirit guides. I shared a few of mine. I've had experiences with Pink Ray of the Eloheim, Group of Seven, Archangel Raphael, and Queen of the Earth. But whenever I get a name of an energy communicating with me, I always ask umpteen million times for confirmation. It's the 'I'm not worthy' part of me that seeks the clarification. Could all magnificent and knowing Spirit really be talking to little old me?

Now, comes a tug with a promise to see what my guardian angel Rebekkah looks like. I found the meditation on youtube. It said I would get up close and personal with my most intimate angel -- see what she was wearing, find out what color hair she had. I dove right in with excitement because I knew she had to be beautiful. Aren't all angels? In my mind they have beautiful skin and long flowing hair. I got comfortable and turned the meditation on. The music set the tone for a peaceful experience.

"Someone is moving forward," the instructor said. Curiously, I saw no beauty. In fact, I saw a large dark figure, a silhouette in the night. I thought, what? This looks more like a hidden beast than my beautifully imagined Rebekkah. I argued with the image, there was nothing soft about it. While I battled it, I kept going with the meditation. The image came into greater focus, and I got more and more confused.

"What does her hair look like?" the instructor implored in melodic tones. My image showed me a Red spiky mop top, it wasn't a flow of red locks at all. And, it also felt like a he, not a she.

"What color is her eyes?" more pleading and soft tones from the instructor. But my vision was stark: it showed bulging lime green eyes. Really, not at all lovely to my thought. In fact, I was thinking my guardian angel should look more like the proverbial mermaid or even a rock star like Beyonce. Could this granite figure, crazy colored hair and Beelzebub eyes really be my beloved Rebekkah?

The music continued and I heard one last instruction before I was dumbfounded and heard no more.

"What does your guardian angel have to tell you?" the voice on the recording pleaded.

Rebekkah, or the awkward figure, had his/her back to me now. Turning around slowly; this thick granite, rock-type being was opening its arms. I saw a small light at first. I thought the being was going to show me a medal. Then I thought a flashlight. The next moment, it hit me. It was all revealed. The rock cloak was wide open and I could see a very bright light. It wasn't a shiny coin, it was a very large, bright star. It was ivory-butter colored light spreading across a darker horizon. It was beautiful. I was in awe. My mind stopped arguing with the image. I took it in. I was speechless. And thoughtless. Breathe in. Breathe out. There are no words. Only communion.

Rebekkah, like all of our guardian angels, is light. And I am led to believe, so are we.

God's love.