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E-mail Guidance
Sent with Love from the Angels

Geri is in communion with your guides and hers for your highest good. With the assistance of Angel Tarot cards created by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, she offers a detailed reading.

You can pick one from three types of readings: They are: the Yearlong guidance, the Celtic Cross, and the Specific Issue or Concern map. Here is a short description of each type of reading.

In the Yearlong guidance reading, Geri takes a look at your concern and energetically tracks it over 12 months. She'll pick 12 cards from the deck and include her own intuitive information. Each card represents a month. This reading will help you put the year ahead in perspective. The reading can be done beginning any month of the year.

In the Celtic Cross guidance, Geri will do a detailed traditional Celtic Cross tarot spread on the issue you are mostly concerned about. Traditionally, this has been one of the most popular layouts used for reading cards. This is a ten card guidance map. And it is powerful and can be eye opening. Even if you don't know what your main concern is, the cards will tell you what to look out for and offer guidance.

The cards fill in the details on the Situation, What affects the situation, what you are aware of on a conscious level, and unconscious thoughts that you are aware of, the recent past on this situation, the near future, your place in the situation, what surrounds you personally and the final outcome expected if things keep going as they are now.

In the Specific concern reading, first, the situation is defined, followed by your expectations, hidden influences, advice and what the outcome will manifest if things stay as they are now. This is especially helpful if you have a burning issue or desire to know about a specific thing.

Geri looks forward to serving you with the help of the Angels.

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