Weekly Energy Reading

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This week's word: Magic
Each week I look at the energy we are dealing with collectively.This week we are asked to open up to magic. Click on the photo for more.

Weekly Word
December week two: Magic (A Message from Spirit)

Magic. Gift of the Magi. It's the season. Do you know, that the Magi offered what I offer to you now? Magic.
You can use gold, frankincense and myrrh to help you manifest what you want. Verily, I say onto you: Magic is my gift to you.

So often we talk about love. And that is good. But did you know you have the power of magic to bring what is in the spiritual world to the physical world? Truly, that is why you are here. To play with the energy of magic.

You are the bridge between me (God) and the manifesting world. I work through you, and you call me forth to create the world as you see it. We are in partnership.

To this end, I ask you: what do you want to create today? Remember, the planning stage is helpful in all projects.

Have a great week!
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