Weekly Energy Reading

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This week's word: Compassion
Each week I look at the energy we are dealing with collectively.This week we are asked to examine our Compassionate Heart. Click on the photo for more.

Weekly Word
January Week Three: The Compassionate Heart (A Message from Spirit)

I ask you to open your Compassionate Heart. What is the compassionate heart? It is that part of you that sees your neighbor's side of things. It is that part of you that leaves the mind's calculations and opens to a new experience of something you thought otherwise before.

The Compassionate Heart is the same heart that greets a new baby with wonder: what will the baby do next? What will the baby learn next? Today, I ask you to look at those you disagree with in those terms: what will this person present next? How does he or she see things? What has been his or her experience that shaped those perspectives?

Compassionate Heart is about opening your loving perspective to include those you perhaps have turned a deaf ear or a blind eye toward. Compassionate Heart asks that you open to new thought and listen to others experiences.

A Compassionate Heart serves others, but greatly serves the wearer even more. A Compassionate Heart helps its owner navigate stress, anxiety and confusion in the world and within the self.

Invite your Compassionate Heart to enter into the day with you. It is your true super power which you have access to at all times.

God blesses you always,

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