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This week's word: Growth
Each week I look at the energy we are dealing with collectively. Growth is the word we're contemplating now. Click on the photo for more.

Weekly Word
March 2018: Spiritual Growth (A Message from Spirit)

Growth comes in spurts. You've seen it with your plants, your animals and mostly with your children.

Growth in Spirit is similar. Right now you are going through one of those growth periods. What does it look like in Spirit? It looks to us like you are more contemplative. You try to think before you act, but mostly you think after you act, especially when it doesn't go so well.

You, with deep inside feelings that are coming to the surface, want harmony. That doesn't mean everybody agrees with you. It does mean when something needs to be corrected, you want it done in the most loving way.

Spiritual growth is awareness. It is mindfulness. It is the growing of love that you have for yourself and each other.

Right now you have grown in spirit. Your heart is lifted and the proverbial rose is flowering and love is touching all you meet. You know that when someone is upset in your presence, and you see why they are upset, and sometimes you can help. Sometimes you have to acknowledge that it is all of their own doing and all you can offer is steadiness and a kind word.

Blessings to you and all,

This week take a look at your spiritual success. So many times you measure success as the number in your bank account, or the debt you paid off. The energy of success can be measured in dollars and coins, don't get me wrong. It's viable. But the success of the spiritual realm is measured in feelings.

How do you feel? Are you angry with yourself? Are you happy with yourself? Proud of what you've accomplished?

This week there is an opportunity for you to look objectively at how far you have come in the energetic field. When you get annoyed, how quick can you deal with that? When you've done something very well for yourself or someone else, how long do you allow yourself to appreciate that good thing?

Energetic success is far more powerful than material success because material success just is. And that's all well and good. Energetic success, however, can take you for a ride and sustain a level of good feeling thoughts and experiences.

Do you see how success emotionally and spiritually outweigh the bank accounts? Watch this week for how this spiritual success helps you fly. It is meant to do that and more.

God blesses you always, but this week you will be made aware of it, well, a little more than usual. Blessings,

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