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Weekly Word: Empowerment
Each week I offer a look at the energy we are dealing with collectively. This week there's powerful energy available to empower yourself.

Weekly Word
September week one: Empowerment

You are more powerful than you realize. I love this picture because the woman is high on a rock overlooking the landscape. And she knows she's safe She also has a friend with her, her companion, a dog.

This week, allow your inner power to come to the forefront. Have no fear of this power because you will use it the right way. Your friends and the people who love you, will be happy to see you become confident in your own skin. And relaxed, too.

Empowerment means you are no longer seeing yourself as a victim. You don't blame others, past conditions or current circumstances. You can be powerful and gentle at the same time -- and still be very effective.

Have a great week!


Program update: I am offering a weekly, delivered to your mailbox personalized, tailored-just-for-you energy reading. They are delivered Sunday mornings.