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This week's word: Action
Each week I look at the energy we are dealing with collectively. Click on the photo for the latest group reading.

Weekly Word
Energy for second week of July 2018: Action (A Message from Spirit)

This is a good week to take action.

You've prepared the groundwork in the energetic or spiritual realms, now it's time to pick up the action side of manifesting what you want.

Maybe you've been under the weather the past week, but fear not. That illness has served you well as sometimes when we are ill, the rest we get serves a deeper purpose. The act of doing nothing is often forced upon us because if not, would we ever stop doing things? While in rest,spirit can sit with us and even download information we need going forward. You may be feeling the effects of that forced downtime, but that was then, this is now:

You are ready to begin taking action toward your goals. Your determined effort will now increase. Trust your intuition. In time, you will break through and again, get back to seeing results.

It's cyclical, you see. Right now, increase you movement in the world toward your goals. The energy supports that.


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