With help from "Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards" created by Doreen Virtue and published by Hay House, Mary lovingly guides me to bring your attention to these energies this week. Photo credit to my nephew, Barry Indik
Sunday through Tuesday

Mother Mary cares deeply for you and your family. Although you may sometimes feel alone, you are definitely watched over and protected! When life is stressful, though, as it has been lately for you, you may not feel the Blessed Mother's presence. Know that divine love is here for you.

Keep your heart open, and continue caring for others, even though you may feel unappreciated or used. Remember your spiritual path is to be loving and helpful, not to change others. However, don't stay in an abusive or toxic situation or relationship. You can care for someone from afar.

Most importantly, care for yourself, dear one. Take time for you and attend to things that are important for your health, happiness and well-being.

Affirm: "Heaven cares for me, and I keep my heart open to caring about myself, others, and the world.”

Tuesday through Thursday
Watched Over

You are safe. Drop any defenses or guards that may currently be preventing you from enjoying your life. By relaxing into God's (Your Higher Self, the Universe) protective arms, you reduce your stress level in healthful ways.

God, Jesus, Mother Mary, and the angels have heard and answered your prayers for protection. You receive their answers through your repetitive feelings and thoughts, which guide you along the path of safety. Keep your mind sober and open so that you can clearly pick up on these Divine messages, and be sure to take action where you are directed.

Affirmation: "I allow myself to feel safe and enjoy my life, knowing that heaven is watching over my loved ones and me."

Thursday through the weekend

Focus on where your natural interests lie. What do you enjoy doing? What issues stir your soul? Where would you like to make a positive difference? These are your passions and your enthusiasm gives you the energy and motivation to take courageous action.

Enthusiasm is positively contagious, and helps others feel excited and happy! Mother Mary urges you to shine your light brightly. Let those around you know about your dreams, goals, hopes and aspirations. Smile, share your feelings, and be authentic and accessible so that heaven and other people can join in your enthusiasm.

Affirm: "Whatever I am most passionate about is the direction I follow."