Summer Reading Special $29

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Special $29 Three-Card Soul Reading
Connect with a beloved Archangel, your guides, and your Soul

It's Summer Soul Searching and Savings!

I am offering "Summer Reading Specials" to help you have less angst and more clarity.

Here's what people are saying:

"Thank you so very much for your beautiful reading. You are right on and I must read and read your messages again."

"Your reading reminds me of the truth of my experience with work .. It reminded me that God does have a plan...This message .. has made me pay attention and take the message in fully. Thank you again and again"

"I am so glad I was sitting down when I read this! I had to re-read each sentence before moving to the next because it really was that powerful....and surprising"

Summer Reading Special

What is it? It's a guided 3 card e-mail reading that connects with the angels, y/our guides, and your Soul!

Spirit answers any question you have. We will learn:

1) What is the attitude or frame of mind you need to look at this situation. (Inspiration from one or more of the Archangels)

2) Point out the best way to shift the energy to a higher vibration and hence, the best possible outcome. (A message from your Guides) and

3) What are you overlooking? (Your soul steps in with the longer term picture)

Come play with this guided process. I'm working closely with the energy of summer and it is a good time for you to touch base with Spirit.

Feeling a little squirrely? Book a reading for clarity.

All my love!