Personal Energy Reading $9.99

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Special $9.99 Energy Reading
What You Need to Know Now to Help Shift Your Energy

Where are you right now? Are you feeling funky? Confused? You can have clarity right now with this reading.

This reading will tell you what is happening in your aura that is blocking you from feeling whole. It's like a spiritual missile that targets your energy block. And, if needed, gives a way out: information that will give you understanding or increase your vibration.

Here's what people are saying about this reading:
"Very accurate... thank you!"
"Wow! How powerful and exactly what I needed"

This reading if offered at $9.99. The reading is meant to assess what you need to know to put your best foot forward.

All my love!
(If you are familiar with my work and would like a weekly update on your energy, check out my new subscription service, Weekly Energy Reading. )

Purchase your one time reading below at $9.99.