New Weekly Service - Personal Weekly Energy Reading

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New Weekly Service - Your Personal Weekly Energy Reading
Your personal reading for the week delivered to your inbox

Is this an action week or a week to chill? Should you rev yourself up or acknowledge it's time to take it easy and go slow?

Geri will read your personal energy and touch base with Spirit to determine what you need to know for the week ahead in an energy reading delivered to your inbox every Sunday.

Many people read horoscopes and take their cue from planet alignment and moon influences, but I'd like you to remember that Spirit is not directly influenced by anything in the physical. You are! And your body is, but Spirit is not.

Spirit, that is in all of us, is a continual flow of opportunity, growth and love. That is why the readings will be different for each one of us. They are based on where we are when it comes to hearing, accepting, and intending to work in partnership with the Divine.

Please know this reading is for contemplation. It helps you talk with Source about what's the next beneficial steps you need to take to get closer to your goal, improve your relationships with friends and family, or where should you turn when it comes to dealing with your health, career or finances?

Geri's weekly energetic read on you, which is personal to you, will help you use your own intuition to guide your next step or rest stop. The reading is a starting point. You contemplate with Source for the whole picture. This reinforces your own relationship with God, your Higher Self or the Universe, whatever you call our Higher Power.

For a limited number of clients (10) I am offering this service at $19.96 ($4.99 per reading) billed to your paypal account every four weeks. In return, you will receive a message from me regarding the energy that is around you and how best to use it for the week ahead. What a bonus, because after 10 clients sign up, the price goes up, too.

After 10 clients register for this low price, the bill will go up for additional clients. Those clients will still receive a great deal at only $6.99 per reading, for a total of $27.96 billed every four weeks. After another 10 clients register, the price goes up to $35.96 for the month.

Right now, the subscription rate is first tier: $4.99 per week which will appear as a debit to your paypal of only $19.96 every four weeks.

Thanks for joining me in learning more about yourself and about your connection to Spirit. And thanks for wanting to make the most of your Divine Connection to All That Is.

God bless you!