Starman Reading $69

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Energetic and Powerful Starman Reading
Lightning Bolt Spread! Based off the artwork Davide De Angelis created for David Bowie, this reading is energetically potent! Book now!

Powerful star energy reading. Gets to the energetic of the matter. Will ask and answer the following questions:

The Lightning Bolt Reading

Card 1: What is going on?
Card 2: What motivates me?
Card 3: What blinds me?
Card 4: What first step should I take?
Card 5: What will the outcome be if I take this reading to heart?

"There's a Starman waiting in the sky.. "
Are you ready for this reading? Will David's energy show up? Let's check it out!

Short channeled message from David:

Geri: David, will you join me for the Starman Tarot?

David: Sure. I’ll butt in and put my 2 cents in when it’s appropriate. But please be advised, the Starman is bigger than just I. OK?
The Starman is the Avatar. The David accessed some part of him that represented that. You are doing the same. So, I will come in as a friend, a supporter, not as an end, my dear.

"The Starman is waiting in the Sky. He’d like to come and meet you …"

Geri: Thank you, David.

David: You’re welcome, Geri. Love on all of you here. Love is all there is.