Restorative Yoga Private Class

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Restorative Yoga and Movement
Geri offers private restorative yoga sessions targeting painful areas within your body.

Geri offers private classes in her home or yours. Discussion before session includes what area of the body needs special attention. After meeting with you and doing a yoga class, she offers a list of helpful exercises for you to continue on your own.

Done at her home: $40 per hour.
Done at your home: $50 per hour.

Geri was trained at Global Yoga under Rhonda Kantor, a Chicago yogi with ties to The Temple of Kriya Yoga Center and Sri Goswami Kriyananda. Her specialty is Restorative Yoga and The Dance.

The Dance is channeled movement created by Sydney Lok in Colorado. The movement balances the left and right sides of the brain to open yourself up to Higher Self Communication.

Each session combines traditional yoga poses and The Dance. Geri includes chanting, as well as meditation, breathing exercises and/or energy healing in her classes.