Restorative Yoga for High Blood Pressure

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Restorative Yoga Legs Against the Wall
Yoga for High Blood Pressure

Viparita Karani or Legs Against the Wall

If you have high blood pressure or hyper tension, this pose can assist you. This pose should be done for at least 8 to 10 minutes. It's called legs against the wall. I find it to be very comforting, supporting and relaxing -- all at the same time. I always use it in my Restorative Yoga Classes and my students get a lot of benefit from it.

Start by scooting your butt up to the wall, then swing your legs up. You can stretch your legs out or relax them. You can also alternate the tension and release, but do it slowly. If you are going to keep them stiff, flex your feet toward you.

Now, drop your arms out to the side, bending your elbows with your palms up.

Breathe in deep and release your breath for further relaxation. Inhale for three seconds and exhale for five, expiring to release toxins in your body and mind. Think also releasing all thoughts, especially the negative ones.

Feel your pelvis and your backbone press against the floor. Mentally, travel up your torso dropping all tension in your side body and rib cage, then release the tension in your upper body. Feel your back muscles press against the floor. Relax into the pose.

Remembering your breath, release the tension in your neck. Be aware of the floor supporting your head. Know you have that kind of support in the spiritual world as well. Your choices are guided, have faith in them and let go now.

If your sternum and chest are sunken in, press your shoulders against the mat releasing the tension there and opening your heart.

Ah, feels good just reading these words. You are beautiful and you are meant to feel that way. Appreciate your beauty.

Sometimes I do this in the morning for 15 minutes. It's good to do this pose both in the morning and the evening. It releases tension and clears your mind and body.