Find Your Joy e-course Next Class Jan 1

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Find Your Joy e-course
January 2019: Day Dream with God ecourse Reveals your joy and hidden talents in 21 days

  • Morning messages in your email offering specific guidance

  • Meet Your Soul with this Roadmap to Bliss

  • Open your mind to new possibilities and new talents

  • Access our private facebook group with like minded journeyers

"This journey is transformative. Everybody on the planet can go a little deeper, knock off a little more negativity inside themselves -- releasing and making room for more joy in their lives." -- Spirit

With guided email messages from Spirit, this course offers a road map to your bliss.

This is a Spirit-guided 21-day e-course to help you find joy now. By answering guided questions supplied by Source, you will experience a loving relationship with yourself.

Each morning, you will receive a daily message asking you to participate in a daily exercise to guide you to feeling a deeper sense of who you are and what your Soul is longing you to know.

In the end, you will know what joy feels like and you will have a new perspective on what you are capable of doing.

Follow the path and participate with Spirit to "Find Your Joy." Feel your connection with Source grow deeper, reignite your passion, and remember your talents.

Join our closed and private group on Facebook to share your experience if desired.

This next special session begins January 1, 2019.

I am so honored to share this profound experience with you.