Today's Top Story is a Four-Letter Word

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Today's Top Story is a Four-Letter Word
Available now! This book is about Love. Holy Spirit tells us how to love better. We're modern mystics who realize our own connection to Source. Click on the book cover for more information.

What if you were unfulfilled? In despair? Confused about why you were here? What if you had the opportunity to talk to God about it. And what if S/He answered you? What if S/He set down guidelines on how to live, love, laugh and be happy? What if S/He told you to call it Your Bible? Would you believe it? Would you write it down?

All this happened to me -- the confusion, the despair, the communication. And I wrote it down. This book documents my conversations with God. It's a great read. It's an even better practice for living life to the fullest.

Yes, I speak to God, the Holy Spirit, the Universe, All That Is, whatever you call your Higher Power. Spirit says it doesn't matter what you call It/Them/He/She. What matters is the message. I think you will enjoy and be uplifted by these words.

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