Here Is Heaven NOW

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Here Is Heaven NOW
50 Ways to Experience Paradise Before You Croak Spirit Spells It Out For YOU
  • Where is heaven?
  • How do I get there?
  • Surprise Ending!

In 50 messages from Spirit, you learn where heaven is and how to bring it to earth.

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"Here Is Heaven, Spirit Spells it Out for YOU" was written over the course of nearly five years. Since February of 2008, Spirit has guided Geri to offer a monthly message on this website.

Heaven - Have You Been There? What is Heaven? and Where is It?

In this ebook, find out where heaven is and how to get there. It consists of 50 monthly messages I received from Spirit over the course of 5 years.

During that time, I had a few other-worldy visits .. saw colors on flowers that were previously unimaginable, heard choirs of angels vibrating in my mind space and felt like I traveled at the speed of light, or pretty near it. I have felt my Higher Self and felt love come through for people I was honestly holding a grudge against.

In the end and in the beginning, what sustains us all is love. It's what we are searching for and it's why we are on earth. To grow love, to grow God.

This ebook is a compilation of the monthly messages. It begins with the message of love in February of 2008 and has a very surprising ending in the Spring of 2012. It surprised me .. the key to heaven.

I hope you will enjoy this compilation of monthly messages from Spirit in ebook form. It is offered at $4.99.

All my love!

Download a free sample on Amazon