About Geri

About Geri
  • Intuitive Consultant, Automatic Writer and Channel for Spirit
  • Advanced Certified Angel Card Reader
  • Crystal Therapy Consultant
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • 200 RYT Yoga Teacher
  • Dance for God Instructor
  • Registered Minister with Universal Life Church
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I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, number 5 of 9 children. I lived across the street from The Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The Catholic Church played a big part of my early years. I enjoyed learning about the Bible stories -- New and Old Testament from nuns at OLPH grammar and high school. They rocked it! But like many, I turned away from the Church. While I could live without the Church, I would later find out I could not thrive without God, Mother Mary and our beloved brother Jesus, along with the angels and saints. But that all developed later.

In my early twenties, I decided on a career in TV News. I graduated from the University of Missouri with a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism. I started out at ABC in New York, my hometown. I moved to a small market to be an on air reporter, then moved to Chicago to produce news shows. I am back in NYC after 30 years in the business. I work as a news writer.

I had a career crisis in 2005 when I felt unfulfilled. I implored God for another job. Very quickly, I wound up with an eye injury, diagnosed as orbital myositis, and was out of work for a year. The eye injury spiritually and energetically told me, I wasn't seeing "the big picture." During the time while my outside world was caving in by the loss of my health and corporate paycheck, my inside world was opening up. I developed the ability to feel and know God. I received the gift of automatic writing and an ability to channel higher consciousness.

So today, in addition to writing news copy, I also write for Spirt. My book, Today's Top Story is about love. It was channeled through the Pink Ray of the Eloheim. But Spirit says it doesn't matter what you call them -- they are one. And they can be called simply love.

In the ebook, Here is Heaven, Spirit shows us where heaven is and how to get there. The information was channeled in monthly messages over the course of five years.

I work with Beauty, Joy and Wisdom through the trilogy of journals: The I am Beautiful Journal, Find Your Joy and The Wisdom Journal.

I channel healing modalities through Archangel Raphael and Jesus. Details on exercises for healers are available in the ebook, Miracle of Love.

I also work with movement to help folks relax into their own divine essence. I channel Yoganada and yogi poses and principals. I am a yoga instructor with credentials recognized by Yoga Alliance YRT 200 hours. I also use movement and The Dance modalities created my Sydney Lok at Lion's Landing.

There's more I'd like to tell you. I've had out of body experiences without dying. Deceased people talk to me about their journeys. And one of my guides took me up close and personal with Source. My next project is to share these mystical experiences so we can all know and share in the love that never dies.

My mission is to bridge the Spiritual world and the physical world so that we may know the truth of our magnificence. We are born of love and that's what we are at the core of our experiences. I offer spiritual readings to help others open up to their own guidance.

During a session, one or all of the following will occur: We will
A) Identify the problem or energetic block preventing joy.
B) Identify the solution and/or
C) Explore steps to take to resolve the issue and move on.

If you are needing energetic or spiritual help, go to the home page and look for "Register for a Reading" tab. I offer a variety of card readings, intuitive guidance, crystal therapy and movement advice.

God Bless you and thanks for reading about my journey.