On Giving

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Archangel Raphael On Giving

Giving and Receiving

I am Archangel Raphael. Today I advise you to give. You've heard it's better to give than receive. No better truth ever told. Test it out today.
You see, some people amass large quantities of things they hold valuable and the world agrees they are valuable. Some amass large amounts of things that are valuable to perhaps only themselves. And that's fine. Things are fine. But it is in releasing things that gets us closer to God. You see, God has no use for "things."

While you're here on this earth, it is advisable to give. It is in giving that you receive all that you need. This is a reminder. When you leave this world, you do not take those things you valued with you like the ancient Egyptians believed when they buried their pharaohs and priests with their belongings. It's not like that here.

Here, you gain currency through how you grew your heart not your bank account. Again, there is no judgment on amassing things, and we applaud very much accomplishment. But in all that you do, remember to give because yes, it helps others. But more, it will serve you very well where I am and where you will be when your time is up in the body you are presently in.

Test it out. Give today. Give of yourself, of your time or your things. Truly, whatever is most comfortable to you to give. See what happens. How do you feel? How do/will people feel toward you now and in the future? Something to think about daily. God Blesses you.

I am Archangel Raphael. And I approved this message in accordance to God's will.

photo credit: pixshark.com