On Balance

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Archangel Raphael On Balance

Note from Geri: Archangel Raphael is the communicator among my guides. He's my spiritual switchboard operator. When something needs to be said, most often it is Raphael that filters it through.

Honestly, I was getting a bit nuts with all the spiritual guidance that was coming through me. Especially when I was waking up out of sleep, I could hear 8 to 10 people/voices talking, but could not discern what any one was saying.

So, keep it simple is my motto sometimes. When it comes to spiritual guidance, ask for a representative if sometimes it all gets overwhelming. Spirit is more than happy to accommodate.

Today's message from Archangel Raphael is on balance.

"I am Archangel Raphael. Take a deep breath in, feel it come up from the center of the earth. Hold it and exhale slowly. Today, I ask you to balance your spiritual life with your physical life and manage your spiritual life so it doesn't wipe you out physically.

One part of your life should not obliterate the other. Live in harmony with all aspects of yourself. Your breath can help you if you need to balance your seemingly separate lives.

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. The breath will help you balance. Always return to the breath.

God's love most certainly unto you!"

Credit: Photo appears on the website of John Chuckman of Chicago