On Staying Positive

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Archangel Raphael On Staying Positive

Although we are living and manifesting on a different level now that we have been birthed into a new dimension, our old triggers do not just disappear. They are there. And when they come into play, your challenge is to not engage in the same way you had before.

Now, it could be easy to bounce back to the old way of dealing with conflict because brains are wired. In the new way, look at where the conflict is coming from. Is another person's view valid? Is it old and dated? I know you already deal with others in love. Now, deal in honesty. If after consideration, another person is infringing on your space, let them know. But don't dwell on it.

You are an energy being. Own your energy. You do that by breathing in and exhaling chi. Control your energy and do not dwell in your reaction to your triggers. If your mind races, sit for a moment, breathe, feel your energy. Feel it coming from your heart and through your third eye and shooting out several feet, maybe ten or even twenty. It circulates in a loop though doesnt have to move quickly at all. It can linger. It can shimmer. Hold it there. Feel it. See it. Do you hear it? It's real.

You are a powerful being. No need to, please, no need to succumb to another's energy field that does not serve you well. There are other energy fields in your body, Two spring from your second chakra and your solar plexus. Feel them around your belly. Can you bound the energy around? Here's an exercise for you: Stand up. Swing your hips left to right and forward and backward following the infinity symbol. Do this consistently you will begin to feel that powerful energy as well.

My message today: stay within your energy field and keep your thoughts positive. Because really, it's your world, should you not want the very best for yourself? We want that. Really we do. Now go for it.

I am Archangel Raphael and I approved this message.

(photo credit: agelesslifestyle.me )