On Where You Are Right Now

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Archangel Raphael On Where You Are Right Now

So, friends. Here I am. And here you are. We're in the exact place we planned to be. It may not look like what we want or desire or it may be an incomplete want or desire, but mark my words, we're living what we requested. We get everything we ask for and our position right now is it.

Now, what else do we want? More of the same? A little bit less of this? A little more of that? What is it? Think about it. Plan it. Feel it. Day dream on it. It will show up. And then you'll be in that place and say, hey, how could this happen? How could my dreams come true like that. Or you will say, I can't remember asking for this. It doesn't make me happy. I will try something else now.

It's how it works. It's all thought, then inspired action moved through this world by a thing called love.

Ah, we are blessed.

(photo credit: soundofheart.org)