On Your Mind and Heart Connection

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Archangel Raphael On Your Mind and Heart Connection

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, you may remember the public service announcement on tv that targeted illegal drug use.

Well, My spiritual guides are leading me to tell you/me to clear our thoughts. Because anger, hatred or anxiety could be your drug of choice, dear one. Those things don’t serve you and they don’t serve the world. But sometimes those emotions get a hold of you and just won't quit.

You’ve heard what you give out, you get, but I am here to tell you something else. The key to a compassionate heart is a loving mind. And One can only have a pure mind by consciously ridding yourself of fear.

The purpose of all our days is to show compassion to ourselves and those around us. But heart-centered being doesn’t occur without a mind that has a clear conscience. And that comes when you are conscious of your thoughts.

Be joyful, be glad and trust that you are on the right path and that it all will unfold in perfect order. Nothing, no thing you ask for is not granted. It all comes, dear one. And there’s no need to push. So, Stop. Open to the process. Love.

Your mind is a terrible thing to waste. Because it powers your heart. Your heart leads the way, but it needs the fuel provided by the mind.

What are you feeding your heart today? What thoughts are germinating your next move? Are they nurtured in love? Make it so, loved one, make it so.

God Blesses us always
(photo credit: candybuzz.co )