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You are a blessing and necessary to the whole


This metal looks like a diamond in the rough in this picture taken from wikipedia published in Quebec.

Molybdenite is a newly (relatively) named metal (18th Century) because it was mistaken for graphite or lead ore. Molybdenite is a lovely conundrum of a substance: it easily combines with other metals. And when it is combined, it helps the new substance withstand a great amount of heat. It increases hardness and electrical conductivity, making it resistance to corrosion.

One other thing .. trace amounts are needed in our bodies, too much and it can become toxic. Do you get where I'm going with this?

From a spiritual perspective, when it comes to molybdenite, you like all of us, contribute to the well being of other elements and beings in the universe.

When you come across molybdenite know that you are integral to the whole. You are necessary and your life, as it has played out so far, has been perfectly on cue with All That Is. No mistakes have been made. Don't even think about beating yourself up over paths not taken.

You are made from love. You are essential to the earth and its partners. You are blessed and you are a blessing.

Molybdenite is found in the earth's crust. Researchers use it to help measure oxygen and thereby measure the evolution of earth's plant and ocean animals, as it relates to the evolution of humans.

You, like molybdenite, are necessary for human evolution. Without you, the earth and all its people would not be the same. A question that seems otherworldy, but think about it: Would we even be here without you?

God bless you and all the living things on earth. You are essential.

(Factual Information on molybdenite from wikipedia, Spiritual meaning from intuition)